On the money: How much should you tip in Vietnam?

Some may say any tip is a good tip, but it's important to get the right amount.

On the money: How much should you tip in Vietnam?
Tourists drinking beer in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Bao Yen

You are an excited traveler. You want to be polite and generous.

And that’s why you want to stay away from embarrassing situations when it comes to tipping.

“Tip Advisor,” an interactive map created by the British travel insurance Go Compare, offers some valuable suggestions for the globe trotters.

The online tool contains data from 49 destinations across the world, from France and Egypt to Vietnam.

Tipping is not customary in Vietnam, which has been hailed as one of the cheapest places for travelers. Yet a gratuity is always appreciated.

But how much is good and how much is too much?

Some restaurants already add 5 percent service charge on the bill, but otherwise, diners would make the staff happy if they pay an extra 5-10 percent for a good meal, Tip Advisor suggested.

Customers at a bar should leave some change or round up the bill. A taxi driver is also happy to keep the change, although they normally do not expect that, it noted.

Vietnamese's average income is around $180 a month.

introduced the tool in a report on Thursday. It said tipping remains an etiquette nightmare for many travelers and the differences in tipping culture can lead to misunderstandings or embarrassing situations.

The loose tipping customs in Vietnam are quite similar to other Southeast Asian destinations such as Malaysia, Singapore or Thailand, although tipping in Bali is highly recommended.

The U.S. is the place where tourists should be ready to tip, according to the tool. They should offer some extra money for every drink ordered in a bar and pay an extra 15-20 percent with a restaurant bill. Even bad service at a restaurant is expected to be tipped 10 percent, it said.

Now you get the gist. Let’s leave the good karma (and reputation) behind you.


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